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Diwali – Sparkling Clean homes, Great Food, New Beginnings

May it Bring Joy, Peace and Prosperity to All

Love and Light

Celebrated with fireworks and family feasts, Diwali is a five-day festival of lights, love and delicious treats! Every autumn, millions of people across the world celebrate Diwali. Traditionally cited as Hindu festival, almost all religions in India celebrate Diwali with tremendous passion and energy.

Fresh Start

Also called Deepavali and Divali, it literally means a “Row of Lights.” It’s a time for personal reflection and lots of house cleaning! A central theme is preparation for a fresh start. Diwali coincides with Hindu new year, a time for self-improvement and and new beginnings. For many, Diwali celebrates the legend of Lord Rama, and his wife Sita, returning from exile to their kingdom in northern India, after defeating the demon king Ravanna in 15th century BC.

Huge firework displays light the skies on Diwali, which recall the celebrations believed to have taken place upon Rama’s return.

Lord Rama, and wife Sita, return to Northern India

For many, Diwali also honors Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi brings prosperity

                                       Traditional earthen diyas or candles are lit, and houses are decorated with colorful rangoli artworks – patterns created on the floor using colored rice or powder.

Beautifully detailed and colorful rangoli

Earthen diyas or candles are lit

During the festival, families and friends share sweets and gifts and there is also a strong belief in giving to those in need. With homes all freshly cleaned, new clothes are also bought.

Celebrations in Office and Home

Every office and home celebrates Diwali in an extravagant way since it marks the beginning of a new year. The GigSky India team celebrates Diwali in advance, beginning the day decorating the office with lights, ribbons, rangoli and flowers, followed by a celebratory luncheon.

GigSky Office in Bangalore decorated for Diwali and yes, GigSky service works great there (and in 180+countries)!

Happy Diwali to all!

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