GigSky Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot

Enterprise Mobile Hotspot

GigSky Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot

Enterprise Mobile Hotspot
Enterprise Mobile Hotspot

Simplify delivery of mobile data

Provide users with their own secure Wi-Fi network and conveniently connect all of their mobile wireless devices into your Enterprise data pool.
Users stay connected without incurring expensive data roaming charges, hunting for costly and unreliable hotel networks, unlocking phones, or renting and returning overpriced equipment.
Optimized to take full advantage of GigSky multi-IMSI technology for best coverage worldwide and near local pricing.
GEM portal gives administrators policy control, network configuration, cost monitoring & control and user/SIM management.

Easy to deploy

Assign the hotspot, enable it in management portal and provide mobile data in minutes

Network Security

No matter where you are, your transmitted data will be secure and protected

No SIM Installations

Enabled for your enterprise data pool, SIM card is pre-installed in device.

Up to 32 Devices

Keep up to 32 devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) connected all at the same time.

Unthrottled Data

All data plans connect at 4G LTE/3G speeds

Global Coverage

GigSky offers service for North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East/Africa, and Latin America/Caribbean. Cellular data is available in over 200 countries and territories.