Seamless international connectivity and SIM management

Seamless international connectivity and SIM management

A Powerful Global Data Solution for Your Connectivity Needs

GigSky manages the global network, you manage the SIM

We take the risk and complexity out of global SIM deployments. Our managed network connects 2G, 3G and 4G LTE devices across generations of cellular technology, and supports all device types, versions and end locations. 

GigSky Managed Network Connectivity

GigSky optimizes your network performance to provide the highest speed and quality connectivity at the best cost. In addition, GigSky’s advanced multi-IMSI technology and proactive network management process allow Enterprises to have international data connectivity with minimal downtime.

Gigsky Global Connect For Enterprise
Gigsky Global Connect For Enterprise

GigSky Multi-IMSI Technology

The GigSky SIM uses on-demand remote SIM switching (over-the-air) of network credential multi-IMSI technology for multiple cellular networks to provide reliable global connectivity (200+ countries/regions).  

SIM Policy Management

GigSky allows administrators  granular control of the GigSky SIMs using the GigSky Enterprise Manager. Admins can add, enable and disable SIMs. There are additional features for SIM cost management, using a rules engine for data usage, as well as alerts and notifications to keep on top of SIM data usage. 

Gigsky Global Connect For Enterprise
Gigsky Global Connect For Enterprise

Network Policy Management

GigSky has added network connectivity features for advanced network management. We can support virtual private networks (VPN), Virtual APN service, and URL filtering (blacklisting/whitelisting) to control SIM network usage.

A powerful SIM solution for the global enterprise


Easy to integrate, deploy and use

The GigSky solution is simple to deploy, flexible in operation, scalable according to demand and is both reliable and economical.


Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is managed 24/7 by a dedicated engineering team.  By proactively monitoring, troubleshooting and managing GigSky’s Core Networks, we maximize network performance so that network issues cause minimal impact to customers.

Intuitive user interface

Controlling your globally connected GigSky devices has never been simpler. Admins have complete control to manage all the enabled SIMs in your organization.


We operate 24/7 support in English, with a well defined multi-tier escalation process to respond efficiently and quickly to customer’s support needs. The experts in our Enterprise Support team are trained and ready to respond to the needs of your global business connected with data. We love to exceed expectations.