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Motorcycle Challenge in Egypt! GigSky Goes Along

Wherever you travel, stay connected to office, home and social media

Egypt on a motorcycle?

Fascinating people use GigSky! Here’s Dave’s story:

GigSky: Tell us a little bit about what prompted your trip to Egypt, and why on a motorcycle?!

Dave: I love motorcycling and adventures. I heard about the Cross Egypt Challenge from a friend and signed up. It was sold to me as a 2,800 km trip all around Egypt on a motorcycle with a group of motorcyclists, and a group of scooters.


GS: You chose GigSky Mobile Data for your trip, so obviously it was important for you to have online access during your travels – did you mainly want to stay connected to social media and friends at home, or were you working and using email as well?

Dave: Yes to all those. Posting pics on facebook and Instagram, staying in touch with my company, as well as mapping.

Great friendships are formed on the road
Dave gets ready to rev-up

GS: How did you use the GigSky service? Apple SIM? GigSky SIM? GigSky Mobile Hotspot?

Dave: I used the GigSky Hotspot

GS: How easy was it to get connected to GigSky and how was the service?

Dave: I went to the mobile hotspot page on the GigSky website and the rest was super easy. I Ordered the hotspot and  it arrived quickly. It was all quite intuitive. It comes with the GigSky SIM pre-installed, so I turned it on, downloaded the app on my phone, loaded some data and away I went. Super easy.

GS: Do you have any favorite travel apps? Or must-haves?

Dave: Google Maps, Facebook, Intagram, text, email and phone; all done through the GigSky Hotspot. Wifi in hotels in Egypt was typically bad, so I used the hotspot even in the hotels we were staying in. It was always faster and more reliable.

GS: You went to Jamacia after Egypt – did you use GigSky there as well?

Dave: Yes I did. I stayed at a high-end resort so I didn’t need it while there, but I went on several excursions and used it when I left the resort. Same as Egypt, social media, phone and staying in touch with the office.

(Note: The GigSky now has a Regional Plan that includes Latin America and The Caribbean)

GS: Is there one word or phrase that best describes your GigSky experience?

Dave: Easy, simple and inexpensive.

GS: Where are your travels taking you to next?

Dave: Las Vegas in December

GS: On a scale of one to 5, how many stars would you give Gigky?

Dave: That’s easy – 5 stars.




GS: Thanks for taking the time to share your Egypt Motorcycle Challenge with us, Dave! We’re so happy the GigSky Hotspot kept you connected to family, friends and work. Enjoy your trip Las Vegas!

Dave White lives in Canada and is an avid listener of the Humble & Fred show.

Would you trek across Egypt on a motorcycle?  What’s your dream travel challenge?

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