2019’s Hottest Road Trippin’ Apps

Ready to Hit the Road?

Make the most of your road trip with these great apps

Start off your road trip right this summer, by teeing up 2019’s newest travel apps designed for road trips. You’ll want to make sure you have a mobile data plan that fits the needs of your trip. GigSky offers short-term, no contract plans for cellular iPads, or use GigSky with any unlocked mobile device. With your GigSky mobile data up and running, and these apps ready to go, you’ll experience a whole new level of convenience, fun and discovery on your road trip.

1. Scout

  • Scout – Probably the best tool road trippers can ask for. With everything from locating the cheapest gas station to personalized recommendations en route (think restaurants, local concerts, etc.) you’ll be sure to experience a journey packed with fun activities. (Available for Android, iOS)

2. Greatest Road

  • Greatest Road – Another gem for finding interesting things to do along the way – with reviews, summaries and star ratings included so you know what you’re getting into. If you still can’t find the perfect restaurant– not to worry – the app integrates with Yelp so you’re bound to find something good. (Available for Android, iOS)

3. Roadside America

  • Roadside America – Looking for the quirkiest attractions around while cruising route 66? You’re in luck! This app is chock-full of secret American treasures. If Pittsburg’s Robot Hall of Fame, or the world’s largest teapot collection piqué your interest, this is the cross-country road trip app for you. (Available for iOS)

4. As You Stay

  • AsYouStay – Traveling by car can result in last-minute hotel check-ins, at unpredictable hours. With AsYouStay – just input your check-in and check out time, and up pops a list of hotels willing to meet your criteria. “check in as early as you need, leave as late as you want.” Checking in a 1 am, and want a long relaxing afternoon at the hotel? Perhaps you just want a hotel for a couple hours? You’ll be able to find whatever option suits you, using AsYouStay. (Available for Android, iOS)

5. Walc

  • Walc – Get out of your car and take some scenic strolls. Simply input your desired destination and the app will provide you with walking directions based on easy to spot landmarks. You’ll no longer have to pull out your phone every few minutes and can thoroughly enjoy the view. (Available for iOS)

6. SpotCrime

  • Spot Crime+ – The most visited crime map in the U.S., SpotCrime+ provides near-real time crime information so you and your family are aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood, or as you travel. The app aggregates crime information from various sources around the country from police activity to breaking news crime. The app covers most of the U.S. and U.K as well as parts of Canada. (Available for Android, iOS)

7. WeSolo

  • WeSolo– are you hitting the road alone and want to meet up with some like-minded individuals?t WeSolo helps you find appropriate fellow travelers to share a meal or go an adventure with. The app has lots of really useful features. (Available for Android, iOS)

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