How to Share Your iPhone’s Data Plan with Your iPad

iPhone + iPad for Travel = Perfect Pair

GigSky has great data-only plans for both iPhone and iPad. Many of us travel with both devices and if you don’t want to buy a separate data plan for your iPad, Apple makes it simple to share your iPhone’s data plan with your iPad.

Learn How to Share Your iPhone’s Data Connection with your iPad

It’s easy to share your iPhone’s data connection with your iPad – it’s called “tethering” or setting up a Personal Hotspot. Once you purchase a GigSky cellular data-only plan, tethering allows you to share that plan and use your iPad wherever you travel without the need for Wi-Fi. Lifewire has a great article with complete instructions for tethering.

Basically, you simply open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose Personal Hotspot from the menu. Turn the Personal Hotspot on by flipping the switch at the top of the screen, and enter a custom Wi-Fi password. On your iPad, simply connect to this new network as you would any Wi-Fi network: Just tap the new Wi-Fi network you created on your iPhone, and enter the custom password.

This YouTube Video on the Apple Support Channel walks you through set-up:

Save on data by using free WiFi

Tethering your iPad to your iPhone is a great option when you don’t have secure WiFi. It saves the hassle of having to buy a separate GigSky data plan for your iPad. Still, you probably want to conserve data, so use free WiFi whenever safe and available. The connection will likely be faster than the internet speeds you get through tethering via your iPhone.

Don’t give hackers access to your data

Very important: alway sign-out of a guest Wi-Fi network. If you don’t, you may leave your data exposed to hackers who set-up fake hotspots with the same name as the guest WiFi network, but with no password required, and your iPad might try to automatically connect and expose your info. Stay safe and always sign out at the end of your session on a guest WiFi network!