Traveling to Japan with Your iPhone 11, XS or XR

Japan has experienced an increase of more than 20 million travelers over the last five years (UNWTO), marking the largest ever recorded increase for the country. Though international tourism is growing around the world, Japan is the only country that can boast a 250% increase!

There are so many stunning and unique places to visit in Japan. We’ve listed 7 of top picks below. While you’re visiting the sights and enjoying Japan’s haute cuisine, you’ll want to take lots of photos to share with family and friends – but how do you stay connected in Japan without going broke?

iPhone 11, XS, XR – Super Affordable eSIM Option

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New iPhone customers: Download the app here: (no app required for iPad) Must-Visit Destinations

Japan has so much to offer, but where should you start? Seven is the luckiest number in Japan, so with that in mind, here are seven of our favorite destinations across the country:

  1. Nachi Falls: Located in Nachikatsuura, Nachi Falls stands more than 100 meters tall. The falls form part of the UNESCO World Heritage protected pilgrimage route within the Kii Mountain Range.

  2. Koya-san (Mount Koya): A secluded and sacred temple town located in the forest-covered mountains of Kansai. Visitors are welcomed to stay in a shukubo or temple lodging. Be sure to check out the Okunoin forest cemetery, soak in the communal onsen bath and enjoy the beautiful chanting and meditation ceremony with monks.

  3. Nara: Japan’s first permanent capital is one of the top Japan attractions. Visit the Daibutsu-den (Hall of the Great Buddha) at Todaiji – the largest wooden building in the world. Inside is the 15-metre tall gold and bronze statue of Buddha that dates back to 751.

  4. Naoshima: This tiny fishing island is hailed as a major art hub. Setouchi Triennale, an art festival launched in 2010, takes place three times a year across 12 islands. Proceeds benefit the island’s elderly fishing communities.

  5. Ryoanji Temple: The site of Japan’s most famous rock garden, Ryoanji Temple attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Originally an aristocrat’s villa during the Heian Period, the site was converted into a Zen temple in 1450.

  6. Sensoji Temple: Located at the historic center of Asakusa, this destination provides visitors with a traditional experience while being in a metropolis. Take photos of an iconic Kaminarimon gate, or stroll down “Nakamise Street”, which approaches the main hall of the temple.

  7. Harajuku: Known by fashionistas as mecca for Kawaii culture, Harajuku is home to hundreds of chic and stylish boutiques and trendy shopping malls. Visitors should join the “Harajuku Fashion and Pop Culture Tour” to experience the best highlights of the neighborhood.