Introducing Simless

The one-stop platform to build, deploy and manage eSIM-enabled products.

Inside The Simless Platform

The feature-rich Platform-as-a-Service offering has everything you need to build an eSIM-enabled product from eSIM procurement, remote management, customizable apps, global cellular network access  and much more.

eSIM Hardware

eSIM Firmware

eSIM Enablement

  • Strategic chip and module manufacturer partnerships to support designs with eSIM modules in either removable  (1FF, 2FF, 3FF, 4FF) or solderable (WLCSP, MFF2) form factors
  • eSIM firmware integrated into secure memory for popular SoC designs eliminating the need for eUICC hardware
  • Patented technology and support for Industry standards efforts related to iUICC/iSSP/iSIM
  • Trusted partner to help “future proof” your design with technology spanning the entire evolution of the SIM card

Subscription Management
Device Apps

Subscription Management
Server Apps

Subscription Management

  •  Support  for GSMA’s SGP.02 specifications for M2M devices and SGP.22  specifications for consumer devices
  • Customizable proxy agent integrated into device to remotely  exchange  commands with eSIM module
  •  Full life-cycle management of eSIM profiles  including remote provisioning via push or pull mode

Access Profiles

Consumer Connectivity Apps

Enterprise Connectivity Apps

Network Management


Operational Connectivity

  • Network access profiles with affordable and reliable 2G, 3G and 4G LTE coverage in over 200 countries and territories
  • Connectivity apps to provide a seamless experience to your users while streamlining the billing process
  • Choose a proven connectivity partner with solutions already deployed in a variety of devices from the largest consumer device manufacturers to major airline carriers

Bootstrap Coverage

  • Enable your devices to connect  to cellular networks out the box anywhere in the world  without access to Wi-Fi  for subscription management (e.g. eSIM profile download) 
  • Manage connectivity via a web portal giving  you granular control of the bootstrap profiles including cost management,  a rules engine for data usage, as well as alerts and notifications to keep on top of data usage
Introducing the Simless Platform for eSIM Products

GigSky has acquired Simless, a digital SIM card technology company to help drive its eSIM strategy for manufacturers.

GigSky has acquired Simless, a digital SIM card technology company to help drive its eSIM strategy for manufacturers.

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