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Introducing GigSky
5G AND LTE Private Networks

The cutting edge of mobile connectivity solutions


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The future of enterprise connectivity is here.

Now, enterprises and governmental organizations can deploy their own, 5G or LTE private cellular networks to achieve the flexibility, performance, and security they need.  Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, ports, airports, hospitals, or any large facility can get state-of-the-art, 5G and LTE cellular networks for their specific purposes according to their own schedules for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Smaller footprint deployments can also benefit from secure, guaranteed bandwidth when public cellular services have poor signal or become congested.  

Read more about Private 5G and LTE networks here.

Private Networks BENEFITS


A dedicated, industrial-grade mobile network can deliver the flexibility to rapidly reconfigure and retool production lines to quickly respond to changing demands.

A low-latency, high-reliability network supports remote control and context-aware collaborative robots and AMRs. Helps realize the productivity increases and cost reductions promised by Industry 4.0 technologies.


With either 5G today or a migration path from LTE to 5G, a network can be deployed for both current and new applications. 

Machine in Factory

A high speed private 5G/LTE network provides a dedicated, secure wireless network that delivers today's necessary performance and provides a clear roadmap to reap the benefits of 5G for security and traffic prioritization.  

Benefits include guaranteed coverage and capacity, both terminal and airside, for greater situational and operational awareness, and ensures reliable connectivity to enable faster, more efficient aircraft turnaround processes.

Airports can now unify communication between all operational functions for better decision making, offering quality of service offerings based on each stakeholder's needs.


Private wireless networks deliver robust, reliable and secure low-latency connectivity to support safer, more productive and efficient mines.

Greater network coverage and capacity make it simpler to manage and automate remote operations where cellular connectivity is often in short supply. An intrinsically secure, high-performance wireless network provides a single, dedicated infrastructure for critical communications and digital mining applications.

And with a fraction of the configuration, management and maintenance costs of Wi-Fi networks, private wireless offers a cost-effective way to deploy 5G and hybrid 5G/LTE solutions.

Land Mining
Cargo Ship at the Port

5G and LTE Private Wireless Networks deliver resilient, secure connectivity for critical communications and operational applications on a dedicated network – with coverage that reaches every corner of the terminal.

A reliable, high-performance network provides a seamless connection between the terminal operating system (TOS) and drivers and/or equipment anywhere in the container yard, supporting automation initiatives and helping increase container throughput. 

Real-time situational awareness and greater visibility of a large number of moving elements help enhance safety across the terminal. Coverage can extend over wide areas or be concentrated in busy or low signal strength areas.


Industrial-grade 5G/LTE private wireless networks provide efficient, reliable mission-critical connectivity for all grid equipment, applications and personnel on a dedicated converged network.

A secure private network offers the capacity to cope with the growing volume and complexity of data while utilizing Quality of Service (QoS) for priority treatment of mission-critical traffic to realize the required performance. 

Resilient, highly available connectivity enables more efficient ways of working in the field. Private Wireless can empower your move to smart grids right now – and help you make them even smarter in the future.

Wind Turbines

GigSky’s Unique Approach to Private LTE/5G 

A mobile operator with extensive experience in delivering and managing mission critical 3GPP-based mobile solutions to leading enterprises in multiple industries and to key government agencies.

Our private network architecture is optimized for both local performance and worldwide connectivity, bringing reliability, performance and security to enterprise wireless.

 GigSky delivers solutions that are customized to your needs. 24/7/365 Global White Glove care has been proven in by our demanding customer base.


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