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Roam the world without data roaming charges with your Visa card and GigSky.  Whether you’re traveling for business, taking a family vacation or just exploring the world, you can stay connected in over 125 countries without worrying about the cost with complimentary global mobile data for eligible + compatible eSIM devices.

Setting up GigSky is easy:

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No more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots - Enjoy fast, secure, and reliable internet access in over 125 countries with complimentary GigSky global mobile data.

Internet access made fast

Skip the hassle and connect quickly to global, mobile data through GigSky’s eSIM technology on compatible devices,* complimentary with your (see all issuers below) Visa card.

Goodbye roaming charges

Avoid expensive roaming fees with complimentary global mobile data from GigSky through your eligible (see all issuers below) Visa card.

Download GigSky to Get Started

Download GigSky to Get Started

Visa Promotional Offer Availability

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United States
Data / Duration
Redemption Policy
Altitude® Connect Visa Signature®
5 GB / 30 Days
Redemption Policy
There is no maximum limit on how many times complimentary GigSky global mobile data plans can be redeemed annually.  However, a subsequent complimentary data plan cannot be activated until the prior plan’s 30-day duration has expired.
(To Be Announced)


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Asia Pacific

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Middle East / Africa

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