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Since 2010, GigSky has been connecting people, teams, and devices  – all over the globe. Whether you're a traveler in need of a simple solution for staying connected, or a builder looking to power thousands of IoT devices worldwide – GigSky is ready to make it simple, (fun!) and smart.

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Instant connectivity with the GIgSky App

The ideal tool for the 21st century roadwarrior. The GigSky app lets you to grab a single data plan where and when you want – at home or in any of our 190+ destinations. Select a plan from the app, download an eSIM, and you'll connect on the spot, no physical SIM card required. 

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individual Data Plans for your iPad and Connected PC

Tired of sharing the bandwidth at home? Grab a personal data plan straight from the settings menu of your iPad or Connected PC, and experience fast connectivity in the kitchen, backyard – or wherever else you need an extra boost of data. 

Global IOT Connectivity to deploy and scale your solution 

If you're serious about getting your IoT build off the ground – GigSky is ready to make it quick, frictionless and smart. Get started today with a free SIM & data, or explore enterprise options with our team of IoT experts. 

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for your team of


Say goodbye to multiple telco contracts and price negotiations. With GigSky Employee eSIM & Portal, you can deploy eSIMs to your entire team remotely (and fast!) – at a single price point that aligns with your overall usage. We also give you the tools to manage your eSIMs with ease, so there's never any "billshock"or surprises.