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The Next Generation of eSIM Technology - Gigsky

September 13, 2023
Alexis Miller

One big change in the iPhone 14 that recently went on sale concerns the SIM card. It doesn't have one anymore! The small slot on the side of the phone is gone, replaced by what's called an eSIM which is served by a permanent component inside the iPhone 14. A big advantage is that you can keep up to 8 eSIMs with 2 active at any one time, switching back and forth easily, all without ever touching a physical SIM card. Here is Apple's support article on eSIM. Now that Apple has adopted this, the industry as a whole will move in the same direction. But what does an eSIM phone like the iPhone 14 do for you?

1. It's a lot easier to switch operators since you won't have to wait to get a SIM card shipped to you or go to a store to get a new one installed.

2. You can supplement your regular domestic operator with others that you can use in specific countries or worldwide to ensure best coverage and/or pricing when you travel. And two can be used at the same time.

3. Provides more security. No-one can steal or clone your SIM card and start using your service.

We recommend that US residents buy their iPhone 14 from Apple, choosing "Select your Carrier Later". You can simply scan a QR code to add your operator which can be done on the operators' websites. This is best for US residents since it avoids the carrier lock scenario which essentially blocks you from actually using any other eSIMs on the phone until you finish paying off the phone. Non US residents should be able to use the eSIM feature without restrictions even if financing the phone.

Now that you have your iPhone, when you travel internationally, consider a "roaming eSIM". While there are roaming plans available from your domestic provider, they don't always offer the best value and coverage. Note that any unlocked iPhone from the X series and up will also support an eSIM when used in concert with the old plastic SIM. There are some variations in the ability to use two SIMs at the same time for older models.

Here at GigSky, we were one of the first to offer worldwide data plans on the eSIM. You can easily add a GigSky eSIM on your phone without disrupting your existing service. You will see a second signal bar on your screen and be able to use data at pre-set costs (with data-only plans starting at $4.99). There are no longer any SIM cards to be inserted/removed and you don't need to go to a local store or a stall at the airport. You can get your travel eSIM at home before you leave or even once you arrive at your destination. We do recommend getting the service installed in advance so that you can be ready to go as soon as you arrive and you can be sure not to have to use your home operator's roaming data service at all internationally. Don't forget to disable data roaming on the home operator and set the GigSky service to active mode. You can find detailed info here.


So we bid a fond farewell to the old SIM slot. Adding new or complementary connectivity services to your iPhone just got a lot easier!


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