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Everything You Need to Know About iPad

May 1, 2023

iPad Models & SIM Types

Don’t worry about which model iPad you have. All cellular-enabled iPads released after October 2018, have an eSIM, but you can also get GigSky service via a GigSky plastic (physical) SIM. Whichever model you have, getting the right iPad data plan will save time and money.

eSIM and SIM Support on iPads 

Here’s a rundown on iPads that support GigSky

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch starting from 2018
  • iPad Pro 11-inch starting from 2018
  • iPad Air starting from 2019
  • iPad mini starting from 2019
  • iPad starting from 2019
  • Any iPad with a GigSky SIM card installed


Important to Know:

You do not need the GigSky app or a QR code to access GigSky service on your eSIM-equipped Cellular iPad. Regardless of which iPad version you have, GigSky is accessed via the cellular settings. View iPad Data Plans.
However, if you have a GigSky physical SIM card installed in the iPad, go to the GigSky Web App to purchase a plan. If you don't have one, you can purchase a GigSky SIM card on Amazon.



If your GigSky data plan does not immediately connect when the plan is activated, turn the device off for two minutes and then reconnect. That usually solves the problem.


Getting Started – PURCHASING eSIM Plans on your iPad

1. Open the Settings on your iPAD

2. Under Cellular Data, click "Add a New Plan"

3. Select GigSky to view our eSIM plans

4. Select your Destination and purchase a plan

Go to Settings -> Cellular/Mobile

  • Select GigSky (do NOT select Other)
  • Select Continue
  • Select Country of Residence (your home country not your destination)
  • Select Buy Now for the data plan you wish to purchase. If you already have an account, you can select “I already have a GigSky Account” and use that account. If you do not have a GigSky account, you need to create an account and set up the payment, then continue with the purchasing process.
  • Select Buy Plan – The eSIM/SIM will be downloaded to the iPad and plan will be activated (this will take a minute or two)
  • After you receive the message the Data Plan is Activated/Updated, you are ready to connect and use data!


  • Go to Settings -> Cellular/Mobile
  • Select Add a New Data plan
  • Complete the purchasing process

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