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Behind the Scenes: Exploring the UK Through TV Show Filming Locations

May 17, 2024
Alexis Miller

The United Kingdom, with its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities, has served as the backdrop for some of the most memorable television series. From the historic streets of London to the dramatic scenery of Scotland, these shows offer viewers not just compelling narratives but a glimpse into the stunning locations across the UK. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the iconic filming locations from our “favourite” British TV shows.


The modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective stories, "Sherlock," showcases the best of London, with its historic landmarks and bustling streets. Iconic locations – such as 221B Baker Street, despite being a fictional address – have seen an increase in visitors, while real sites like St Bartholomew's Hospital and the British Museum play a significant role in the series, bringing the dynamic city to life.

The Crown

Filmed in various locations across England and Scotland, "The Crown" offers a majestic view into the lives of the British royal family. Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other royal residences are depicted using a blend of actual locations and meticulously designed sets, allowing viewers a sneak peek inside these storied halls.

Doctor Who

"Doctor Who" takes viewers on adventures through time and space, with much of its filming taking place in Wales and England. From the futuristic landscapes of Cardiff to the historic streets of London, the series makes full use of the UK's diverse settings to bring its time-traveling tales to life.

Downton Abbey

Set in the picturesque English countryside, "Downton Abbey" is filmed at Highclere Castle, standing in for the fictional Downton estate. This location offers an authentic glimpse into the world of the British aristocracy during the early 20th century, with its grand interiors, sprawling grounds and memorable characters. 

Striking Vipers

While "Striking Vipers" may feature a mix of UK and international locations, its scenes set in London showcase the city’s urban landscapes and vibrant nightlife. The contrast between the different settings enhances the series' exploration of complex themes within its sci-fi narrative.


Scotland's breathtaking landscapes and historic sites play a starring role in "Outlander." From the rolling hills of the Highlands to the rugged beauty of locations like Doune Castle, the show captures the country's enchanting essence, transporting viewers back in time.

Peaky Blinders

"Peaky Blinders" immerses viewers in the post-World War I era, with its filming locations in Liverpool and Birmingham reflecting the industrial landscapes and historic buildings of the time. These settings provide the perfect backdrop for the gritty drama of the Shelby family's exploits.

Derry Girls

Set and filmed in Derry, Northern Ireland, "Derry Girls" offers an authentic and humorous look at the life of teenagers during the 1990s. The show’s use of real locations around the city – including its streets, schools, and landmarks – adds to its charm and realism, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the stories depicted.

Band of Brothers

Though telling the story of an American company during World War II, "Band of Brothers" was primarily filmed in England. Locations such as Hatfield Aerodrome in Hertfordshire and the village of Hambleden were transformed into the battlefields of Europe, showcasing the versatility of England's landscapes.

From the mystical lands of "Outlander" to the detective streets of "Sherlock," the United Kingdom offers a rich tapestry of locations that bring to life the stories we love. These shows not only entertain but also invite viewers to explore the beauty and history of the UK, one scene at a time.

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