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How Much Mobile Data Do My Favorite Activities Use?

April 8, 2021



Data hungry?


According to a recent study by the mobile intelligence group Arieso, iPhone 5s and 4G users are the most “data hungry” within the smartphone market. The study looked into usage rates for more than 150 different devices (Android, Windows and iOS) and it seems Apple folks just can’t get enough.


So for all of you iPhone lovers out there, here’s some food for thought on ways to optimize your data consumption, recognize what activities use significant data, and ensure that you don’t get stuck suffering “bill shock.” Here they are:


Video Streaming


Low and behold, watching cinematic adventures eats the most out of your data plan. This activity is not only data intensive however movies run for an hour and a half minimum. Even just watching a few YouTube videos take up 1GB of data!




If you love your music (which I sure do), streaming can be quite similar to movies. Sharing has because the new means of experiencing music thanks for Spotify and Pandora (which is awesome). But be mindful! If you’re at the gym for a couple hours or commuting to and from work, data is definitely on the line. Basically if your battery’s getting used up, your data’s getting chomped too.


Video Chatting


This is the last significant data activity, mainly because it requires both camera activation and video capability. To get the most out of this, try sticking to Skype. Google Hangouts uses six times that amount, and Skype is less data intensive than Apple’s FaceTime too.


And of course, "there's an app for that"


There are several apps out there that understand the pain of data overage charges. So check out My Data Manager in the App Store. Last but not least, use Wi-Fi whenever possible! If you’re at the gym, there’s probably a network you can log onto and jam all you want. Just make sure it’s a safe enough network to your standards, or even bigger problems that overage chargers can occur.