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GigSky for iPad & Connected PC

PURCHASE a plan directly from your cellular ipad settings

IMG_0048 (1).jpg

1. Open the Settings on your iPAD

IMG_0050 (1).jpg

3. Select GigSky to view our eSIM plans

IMG_0049 (1).PNG

2. Under Cellular Data, click "Add a New Plan"

IMG_0056 (1).PNG

4. Select your Destination and purchase a plan

Get your own data when you need it most

With GigSky service available directly on your iPad or Connected PC, you'll never worry about a glitchy conference call again. Take back your connectivity with your own personal data plan – and tether service to your devices for easy sharing. GigSky for tablets is ideal for personalized data – at home, on the road or in any of our 190+ destinations.

gigsky ipad

More plans,

more options

With GigSky on iPad or Connected PC, you know exactly what you're getting when it comes to price, location, and service. Choose from country-specific, regional or global data plans, in 1-day, 15-day or 30-day increments. There's a data plan for every type of user.

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