Terms of Service -
U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature®  Offer

Data available per complimentary plan
5 GB
Duration in which data can be used once plan is activated
30 days once activated;  if not activated within 30 days of receiving a complimentary plan, the plan will auto activate.
Maximum annual redemptions of GigSky Visa complimentary global mobile data plans.
Annually, there is no maximum number of times a complimentary GigSky global mobile data plan can be redeemed.  You must wait to activate another complimentary data plan until the prior plan’s 30-day duration has expired.
Countries available as part of the GigSky complimentary data plan
Last date that offer can be redeemed on
These Global Mobile Data plan options offer terms (these “Offer Terms”) apply to the promotional offer (the “Promotion”) made available to certain holders of an eligible Visa® branded credit card (an “Eligible Card”). Your redemption of any Promotional Plan (as defined below) constitutes your acceptance of these Offer Terms. You further acknowledge that any Promotional Plan continues to be subject to the standard GigSky Terms of Service (the “GigSky Terms”) and the GigSky Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to which you have already agreed. Capitalized terms used herein but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed such terms under the GigSky Terms.  



  1. “Account Holder” or “you” means the person who has opened an account with GigSky and is eligible for this Promotion.
  2. “Promotional Plan” means any data plans or services provided to the Account Holder pursuant to this Promotion.


Description of Promotion:

  1. Participation in the Promotion requires that you have an Eligible Card issued in your name, that your Eligible Card account is in good standing, and that you add such Eligible Card as the default payment method in the GigSky App.
  2. Once you have added the Eligible Card as the default payment method in the GigSky App, you will be shown any Promotional Plans you are eligible for and you will be given the option to redeem one or more Promotional Plans.  
  3. When redeeming a Promotional Plan, the GigSky App will identify the following terms related to your Promotional Plan: the amount of included data service, eligible countries and the maximum length of the plan. Any usage above the limits outlined in the Promotional Plan will require redeeming and activating another Promotional Plan (if you are eligible) or purchasing another Service plan with GigSky.
  4. Once redeemed, a Promotional Plan will be automatically activated once your eSIM is activated in a country covered by the Promotional Plan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any redeemed Promotional Plan will be automatically activated thirty (30) days following the date of redemption.


Other Terms of the Promotion:

  1. The Promotion is solely offered by GigSky, Inc. (“GigSky”), and Visa is not providing any Promotional Plans or GigSky Products hereunder.
  2. GigSky reserves the right to terminate your Promotional Plan if you no longer hold an Eligible Card or such Eligible Card is no longer in good standing.  
  3. GigSky reserves the right to terminate the Promotion or any Promotional Plan or change the terms of the Promotion or Promotional Plan at any time and without notice and in its sole and absolute discretion.
  1. This Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts and/or promotions and is not redeemable for cash.
  1. The Promotion is void where prohibited by applicable law.
  1. GigSky reserves the right to deny you participation in the Promotion if GigSky suspects abuse or misuse of the Promotion, in its sole discretion.
  1. You agree and acknowledge that GigSky may share your personal information with Visa and your credit card issuing bank in connection with redemption of the Promotion and use of a Promotional Plan