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Navigating Taiwan: Choosing the Ideal eSIM for Your Journey

April 13, 2024
Alexis Miller

Welcome to Taiwan! Imagine strolling through the neon-lit alleys of Taiwan's famous night markets, the never-ending verdure that drapes Taroko Gorge and the celestial symphony of colors casting over Alishan at dawn. 

All of your navigation aids, translation gadgets, and photo-sharing tools? They’re just a tap away. And what's more, there's no fumbling with a physical SIM card or hunting down Wi-Fi passwords.

This is Taiwan through the lens of a traveler in the digital age. Find out how an eSIM isn't just about staying online - it's about weaving your travels into a tapestry of unforgettable experiences, uninterrupted.

Are you ready to see Taiwan differently? Keep reading to learn how eSIM will revolutionize the way you travel and stay connected on the road. 

Does Taiwan Support eSIM? – Understanding Your Options

For travelers, Taiwan is a go-to location for gut-busting gastronomic experiences, once-in-a-lifetime cultural adventures and bustling city centers. Below, we'll explore the specifics of GigSky’s eSIM for Taiwan.

You have three options to choose from when selecting a Taiwan eSIM: country, regional and global. The breakdown of GigSky’s eSIM cellular plans are as follows: 

Country - Taiwan

  • 1GB - 7 days
  • 3GB - 15 days
  • 5GB - 30 days
  • 10GB - 30 days 

Unlock Taiwan: Seamlessly connect with our tailored eSIM plans for Taiwan.

Region - Asia Pacific

  • 1GB - 7 days
  • 3GB - 15 days
  • 5GB - 30 days
  • 10GB - 30 days

Discover Asia: Stay connected across the Asia with our Asia Pacific eSIM plans.

Global - World Plan

  • 5GB - 30 days

Benefits for Travelers

Benefits abound for those using GigSky’s eSIM in Taiwan. Each plan includes highlights such as no data roaming fees, carrier flexibility, 24/7 access to our customer support team, in-app calling, high-speed worldwide coverage, and much more! 

Understanding Your Data Needs

How much data is enough data for your trip to Taiwan? The answer to that question lies in the way you plan to use your device on your trip. 

Check out our dedicated article on our blog that discusses data consumption in greater detail.

Matching Plans to Your Specific Travel Requirements

Each GigSky eSIM for Taiwan is mobile data only and is valid for a specific length of time. This means it’s important to calculate the length of the fun parts of your trip and the travel days, too. 

Below are our plan recommendations for a two-week trip, based on daily activity and projected usage: 

  • 1GB Plans - 1 to 2 hours of Internet usage, no streaming 
  • 3GB Plans - 1 to 2 hours of Internet usage, up to 10 minutes of streaming
  • 5GB Plans - 2 to 3 hours of Internet usage, up to 15 minutes of streaming
  • 10GB Plans - 3 to 4 hours of Internet usage, up to 30 minutes of streaming

eSIM Plan vs. SIM Card Plan

How does a digital SIM (another name for an eSIM card) stack up against its traditional counterpart – a physical SIM card? The comparison leans heavily in favor of a prepaid eSIM for numerous reasons.

Advantages of eSIM Technology Over A Physical SIM Card

A eSIM Taiwan offers more freedom and flexibility compared to a traditional SIM card. With eSIM data plans, travel is easy to manage through the GigSky app (iOS | Play Store). Since it’s a mobile data only plan, calls and SMS through your regular number likely won’t be available. On the upside, this means you don’t need a local phone number – a significant convenience. 

The activation process is simple, too. Instead of hunting for a trustworthy SIM card provider and worrying about data roaming fees, you’ll be ready to connect to the Internet as soon as you arrive in Taiwan. Most phones – like the iPhone XR and iPhone 14 – support eSIM. 

Customizing eSIM Plans Based on Usage Preferences

The best eSIM for Taiwan will depend on the duration of your stay, and your specific data requirements. Ensure that your device is dual SIM compatible (you can usually find this in the device settings). Then, look for an eSIM mobile data plan that balances cost and your coverage requirements. 

We have a series of recommendations to help you understand some of these considerations. 

Tips for Choosing the Best eSIM for Taiwan

Selecting an eSIM in Taiwan will vary from person to person. To make the most of your digital journey, consider key factors when choosing the right eSIM plan for you.

Understanding Data Allowances & Usage Scenarios

Different scenarios – using an eSIM simultaneously with your regular carrier, determining if your devices support eSIM technology, Wi-Fi and hotspots, suspending service, and accessing our customer support team – affect how you use an eSIM plan. We’ve outlined them all in detail in this blog post.  

The Best Mobile Data Plan Avoids Overages

GigSky plans are completely transparent. No additional taxes or fees, ever. Your plan includes coverage across the country, which means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees during your trip to Taiwan. If you need more data during your trip, simply top-up in the GigSky app. 

Is eSIM Available in Taiwan? – GigSky’s Coverage

Reliable, consistent coverage is important. Below we discuss what you can expect from GigSky. 

Coverage Details for Using an eSIM in Taiwan

When you purchase a GigSky prepaid eSIM, you’ll have data coverage across the entire region the eSIM covers. You can use mobile data, make in-app calls, use your email address to send emails and send texts with apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Messenger – all without a local phone number. 

GigSky uses Tier 1 networks in all the countries we operate in, giving you the best service available. Still, several factors can affect the quality of your cell service. 

How to Install & Activate an eSIM

Installing and activating an eSIM is a straightforward process. First, ensure your device is eSIM compatible. Most modern smartphones support eSIM technology.

Next, purchase your eSIM plan from GigSky through our mobile app (App Store | Play Store). You'll receive a QR code or activation code that allows you to install the eSIM on your phone. Your plan's policy will determine when it’s “active,” which you can check in the "Additional Information" section of the GigSky app.

Finally, turn on your eSIM in your device settings to connect to the local network and access the Internet. If you need any assistance during the process, GigSky's customer support is available via the app, website, phone, or email.

Mobile Data Management Tips for Travelers

Though you may have GigSky data plan, you'll want to use your data conservatively. This blog post will help you optimize your data usage.

Say “Zàijiàn” (再见) to Traditional Roaming

With its ability to offer seamless, cost-effective connectivity, the best eSIM offered will enhance any traveler’s experience, bridging the gap between the desire to explore and the need for stable data speed.

Remember these insights to ensure you're empowered with the best eSIM for your digital excursions. Safe travels, and may your digital footprints in Taiwan be as memorable as your physical ones.

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